3 Cutie Pies Lead You to Success

Want Surefire Success?


Reliably brilliant marketing copywriting master, Dan Kennedy, shares this simple and proven path to success with ANYthing, be it offering, business plan, weight loss, etc. Follow-through is where most stumble but others are left in their tracks even before then. We’ve all had missteps. The good news? YOU GET A DO-OVER IN LIFE. What’s your most heartfelt dream for this fall? Apply this cycle to it and watch it soar. Here’s a summary of Mr. Kennedy’s thoughts.

As the first step to new achievement, there’s always awareness of problems and failings, and of opportunities and successes.

– Dan Kennedy, Marketing Copywriting Master


If you become aware of the importance of time, you’ll have a different concept of time, valuing of time, and how you must exercise control over your use and others’ consumption of your time in order to have a reasonable chance of achieving your goals and tapping your full potential. You’ll have new awareness of how your time is used or abused, invested or squandered, organized and controlled or let flow about at random. As the first step to new achievement, there’s always awareness of problems and failings, and of opportunities and successes.


All achievement follows deliberate decision, with extremely rare exceptions of accidental achievement, like tripping over an untied shoelace, falling face down on the pavement, and seeing a wrapped stack of lost $100 bills lying against the curb you wouldn’t have noticed otherwise. Absent that kind of freak accident, achievement can only follow decision. As a result of your thinking of the importance of time, you can develop certain decisions.


There are three kinds of action: starting things or implementation, follow-through, and completion. When you’ve made a decision, you have to start doing things about it. For some people, this is hard, but for many people in many situations, starting is relatively easy. The person who decides on a new diet may find it easy, even exhilarating to take a huge garbage bag and empty the refrigerator and pantry of all offending foods. It’s follow-through that is usually the hard part. That’s where the tough-minded boss-of-self comes to bear. Relying on sheer willpower is rarely successful. You have to create an environment in which high self-discipline is supported. But self-discipline is required. And rewarded.

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This is The Grotta Palazzese in Italy, a high caliber restaurant set in a cave that looks out over the sea. I’m going. Wanna go?

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Does your CEO like water?

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How do you know when you’re:

Spot on image courtesy of our friend, the wonderful Cat & Crow Children’s Book.

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