Are you real CEO material?

You know you’re a real CEO if you…
look people directly in their eyes.

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cat executive officers —
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  • Emily Stoik

    Good point, Katie…if you can’t even look people in their eyes they will feel like they can’t trust you and people can’t look up to and follow someone they don’t trust! :-)

    • embodyheart

      great point, Emily. trust is related to this.

  • Michelle

    Stopping by from the Ultimate Blog Challenge. :)

    That’s a beautiful image and great thought. Confidence makes all the difference.

    • embodyheart

      so true. and then where does genuine confidence come from for you?

  • Kathy Widenhouse

    I find that if I can’t look at people right in their eyes, I look at the bridge between their nose. That does the trick!

    • embodyheart

      good tip, Kathy

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