Interspecies Love and Flow in Your Life

Cute animal pictures make people happy.
This image of interspecies love is so soothing, isn’t it?
What makes some critters so able to easily go with the flow?
Do you want more flow in your life?
What can you do to let more in?
Here’s to letting more interspecies love into your life.


2 Responses to Interspecies Love and Flow in Your Life

  1. I was attracted to this page through the picture. When I was a child my parents owned a zoo, where we also lived. Although I had a variety of strange pets, my monkey Dotti and cat Fluffy were my favourites. (My unusual childhood is on my blog on the page ‘Dawn Alice Who?’ if anyone is interested enough to read. Being raised in this atmosphere taught me so much about ‘critters’.

    Thank you for reminding me

    Dawn Alice

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