Purrfect for Your CEO — Cat Executive Officer

Fantastic Stuff for Your Cats & You

Sneak peek at some of the chic resources you’ll find at the upcoming EmbodyYour.CEO site, coming this fall. You’ll find silly and serious tools, tips and tricks for entrepreneurs who love cats and cats who love entrepreneurs. Everything from inspiring stories and great snaps to in-depth articles on how to make feline and human teamwork smooth sailing. All imbued with fun and style, the way life should be and cats instinctively show us.


  • Ceiling Cat Hangout
  • Curved Bed Large
  • Under Chair Hammock/Sling
  • Circular Slim Cat Tree
  • stairs
  • My Own Cat Executive Officer
  • outside stairs
  • Recliner / Scratcher
  • Wheel
  • MEOW Unique Cat Tree
  • Ball Cat Bed
  • CATable
  • CATable
  • garden stairs
  • curve Cat Shelf
  • curve cat shelf
  • stairs inside
  • wall stairs
  • Curved Bed
  • Curved Bed
  • Curve Cat Shelf
  • Chic Desk With Cat Crawl Spaces
  • Pod Bed
  • Desk With Cat Peekaboo
  • Ball Cat Bed
  • Mid-Century Modern Cat House
  • Cat Tower
  • mid-century Modern Slim Cat Scratcher
  • Cat Wall Stairs
  • Under Chair Hammock/Sling
  • Cat Wall Climb and Rest Spot
  • Cat scratching post
  • Cat Climbing Wall Suspension Bridge
  • Two Piece Pretty Cat scratcher/Recliner
  • Under Chair Hammock/Sling

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